• So, writing

    18 Oct 2018

    So, writing

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  • Modularity hides your shit

    27 Oct 2016

    Everybody writes shitty code. That’s how we learn. Even that person that you think is awesome writes very bad code, and that doesn’t make them less awesome.

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  • exports vs. module.exports

    20 Nov 2014

    I usually understand the difference between both but after a while I simply forget, so I’m writing it to try to make it stick or for future review. Better yet, to help you, my friend.

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  • Zombies - HTML5 canvas game

    10 Mar 2014

    This HTML5 canvas game was the last "thing that moves" that I built, because zombies, right? There are lots of resources about it, I mixed a couple of them and ended up with a really interesting result, that you can play here. Come back and read about it after having your brain eaten.Zombies Game

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  • JavaScript - Rewriting the new operator

    06 Feb 2014

    Implementing something is the best way to really understand it. And this post will show how it’s possible to emulate the new JavaScript operator. Developing a language functionality using itself is a nice way to see how flexible it is.

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