I was having fun with the cowsay (yeah, for me this is fun) combined with fortune to give a nice touch to my bash. Suddenly I discovered that there are many available cows :O ("cowsay -l") , so I started seeing them all. It was kind of repetitive job to print each one of then (20 in total), so I combined cowsay with awk to write a command to print 'em all, yay.

# This will print all cows in the console
# You can escape it to a file by adding "> file.txt" at the end
cowsay -l | awk '/^[^Cow]/ { for (i = 1; i < 20; i++) { if ($i) { system("cowsay -f"$i" "$i); } } }'

Each cow will be saying its own name. Enjoy :)