This morning there was a really interesting presentation on how to give and receive feedbacks properly, it was much better than what I was expecting. To give a good feedback, it should include the following properties: Actionable, Specific and Kind (which gives the nice acronym ASK). Giving feedback is one point that I really have to improve myself. The really awesome thing is how it’s possible to notice the patterns discussed in the class on the behavior of the people at DBC, and in my opinion that’s one of the best ways to learn, by example.

Right after the presentation, the pairing session started again, with lots of new challenges. There was a refactor and regular expressions talk in between, as the challenges required it. Most of the time was spent with refactoring and in my opinion the regexes are kind of a big topic in itself, so it was a really quick introduction and quite superficial, just saying “hey, regexes exist and there are awesome, go out there and use it”. Nothing really new for me, but I believe it was necessary to cover it. It is still nice to observe the way the teachers talk to each other to explain the topics to the class though.

I was struggling with my pair partner by the afternoon on how to create a destructive method outside any class, and there was just an insightful discussion (is that even possible without an instance variable or changing the global object?), and then we noticed that more complex objects are just passed by reference (which is the way to go with huge objects) and everything clicked.

First time someone asked for my help, it was really cool to be able to help people with regular expressions today :)

Left around midnight again..