First talk of the day was just too f***g insightful!

I learn too much stuff by watching other people details. When I was at high school and didn’t quite understand some topic that was taught the whole previous semester, and the new teacher of the new semester would tell it was a required topic for the next one and actually teach it in the corner of the blackboard for five minutes and suddenly everything would clicked together. Five minutes more useful than a full semester, crazy.

I guess one could argue that this was possible exactly because of the previous semester and the sinapses were already kind of formed in my brain, or that the first teacher was just bad or something else. But this just happens a lot with me, even with topics I didn’t know previously, the point is: I’ve noticed many years ago that I learn really faster by watching other people do their work, paying attention to the details.

And that’s exactly what happens in these first talks of the day.


<too much talk before actually saying something useful, so here’s an awesome picture to make up for it>

Cool stuff

  1. So, regular expressions, there is just this awesome tool that speaks for itself Regexper

  2. Regular expressions again, the built in regular expressions library in ruby is called Onigurama (at least for version 1.9.3), and it’s documentation can be found here. (yeah, I dind’t know that geocities still existed too)

  3. You can use __END__ inside your ruby source file and it will simply ignore everything that’s underneath it. No need for selecting everything and commenting or deleting to test something else, let’s check to see what’s faster though

  4. Using which on the terminal command to check where your executable is located, so useful!

  5. Coffee is just awesome. (already knew it, but okay..)

  6. I have to bring my notebook to these talks..

  7. Complete frustration with Samuel’s Beckett directions algorithm

  8. Calling dictionary on a mac using cmd + ctrl + d

  9. Not really so frustrated with Samuel’s Beckett directions algorithm anymore, but still don’t have it all figured out.. so maybe tomorrow

Oh yeah, midnight again, time to get some sleep..