Today was the first Yoga class! First time ever. It went better than expected, although I had some troubles understanding all of the body parts the teacher was saying and my lack of prepare, I actually liked it. It felt relaxing. Maybe I’ll continue to go when it stops being mandatory.

The coolest thing was pairing with one of the teachers on a really random challenge, doing even some ASCII art and using vim. It’s cooler seeing than telling, so:

ascii art car

<credits to Matt>

Could manage to finish a recursive Boggle solver too, which was pretty nice, given that I didn’t even know what Boggle was.

I’s really nice to see how people react when they discover some new Sublime Text shortcut, like moving lines (cmd + ctrl + up/down) or selecting more occurrences of a given word (cmd + D), and many others..

Wondering how to memorize many shortcuts?

I would recommend trying not to use the mouse, and use as few keystrokes as possible. It’s like a game! :D Then keep track of everything you’re doing and ask yourself “Can I do it faster?”. If something is repetitive, there’s probably one lazy programmer which have already automated it, try to translate it in other words (it’s like naming a method) then go search how to do it. A spreadsheet might help. Or just click on the menu to see what shortcut does what you want to do. Found it? Don’t click it! Close the menu and press the shortcut, this will help you memorize it. It may be slower than using the mouse in the beginning, but knowing your tools really well pays a lot of dividends on the long run.