Saturday. Here at DBC, is like a less crowded week day, just a bit. Even though I stayed until midnight everyday, unsolved problems kept accumulating throughout the week. And guess what, there are weekend exercises as well.

There’s an overwhelming number of challenges to solve, and it looks like as soon as you forget about your (stupid) pride, and simply understand what we’re really here for, the faster you’re going to focus on your self development.

We’re not here to check solved problems boxes. We’re here to learn as much as we can. Maybe we can’t do all of the problems, and that’s fine, it must be fine. And I’m writing this right now to see if I can understand it myself.

It’s all about stretching your boundaries, there are no golden stars. There’s you, and there’s a better you after going through the hardest path, are you willing to go that way?

Had a lot of challenges planned to do today. Got stuck most of the time on a recursive problem which as NOT planned for today, one that I thought it would take only an hour to solve. Kind of frustrating, but it’s good to know that I was actually practicing something I’m not good at. Solving the challenge in the end was just a bonus.