Sunday. Day to sleep a bit more and be able to do important things that you simply forget during the week. Like buying food and a new blanket. Things that if you think for a while, are actually more important than implementing a binary search, isn’t it?

After that, go to DBC and try to finish as much challenges as you can!

Okay, so I stopped today, and tried to think about everything I wrote yesterday. Made a TODO list, and it contains everything I want to do, and prioritize. Challenges and everything else, like updating this blog :) After that, just go through the list, and don’t blame yourself for not finishing it.

I have basically spent all of my time updating this blog and reading POODR first chapters and one or other challenge. Here are some awesome quotes from the book:

Object oriented design is about managing dependencies. Changing software is like gravity.

Designs that anticipate specific future requirements almost always end badly. Practical design does not anticipate what will happen to your application, it merely accepts that something will and that, in the present, you cannot know what. It doesn’t guess the future; it preserves your options for accommodating the future. It doesn’t choose; it leaves you room to move.

Design is more the art of preserving changeability than it is the act of achieving perfection.

A class should do the smallest possible useful thing; that is, it should have a single responsibility.

Simply beautiful, isn’t it?