Don’t try to memorize concepts, you may succeed for a day, but you’ll fail in the long run. You’ll fail because you’re basically deluding yourself, you think you know something, but you don’t. Embrace it.

The keyboard is just a means to express your thoughts. You have to focus on what you want to do and figuring out how to express it with your tools. Your tools are everything you use, programming language, text editor, browser, anything. Just try to keep the pseudocode in your head at all times, how to do the stuff is just syntax specifics, they don’t matter, the docs are there for it, detach, Ha.

Focus on problem solving. That’s a good train for your brain, analogies will pop out of everywhere, that’s exactly what your brain is good at, making analogies. Long term memory? Nah, we have hard drives for it.

Just know that you can figure stuff out while you go. Be confident that you know where to find the answers when questions arise. Learn to question

Realize that you don’t know everything and you never will. Even the guy who invented a language will get compiling syntax errors every now and then. Does that make him less smart? Absolutely not. The compilers are there for it, focus on what really matters.