It’s done. The old Wordpress and Tumblr blogs are now merged into this new website. It feels so good to finally have something which I have full control of. I just love the way I can create a simple markdown file and push it to my repo and have the site updated.

The website is now powered by Jekyll and hosted in Github Pages. It is using the domain name that I got from Dreamhost. It turns out it’s really easy to use custom domains as explained here. But it was such a pain to do it properly. After creating your DNS type A pointing to Github pages IP, you have to delete all the entries to the old IP at Dreamhost. Your site will be down for a while, but that’s fine, the DNS is propagating through the interwebz, and in a couple of hours, around 4, it should be fine.

This release is the first step after working on it for so many days. Most of them probably spent only choosing colors and how the layout would be, doing, removing, redoing.. But yeah, I’m happy with the results.

Still have lots of things that I need to do, like making it responsive, adding more projects and adding comments. But I’m working on it ;)