• New Project - Tower of Hanoi

    22 Jan 2014

    I always see the Tower of Hanoi problem exemple when reading about recursion, but I honestly had never implemented it, so I decided to understand it. I mean, should be easy.. after all, it's cited everywhere..Tower of Hanoi Animation

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  • aMazeng

    17 Jan 2014

    This is about aMazeng, the project that I did at the First Annual DBC Holiday Hackathon at Dev Bootcamp on my last days at San Francisco, it was Dec 14th, 2014. It's kind of late, but I'll do it anyways. aMazeng

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  • Things I learned from UNIX 1 - sed

    07 Jan 2014

    ‘Sed’ stands for stream editor. Think of it as a program that edits a text file on a per line basis.

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  • Change all file extensions in a folder

    03 Jan 2014

    Updating all files extensions inside a folder is something that always bothered me, because it looks like something that ought to be automatic.

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  • Fooling Array push

    02 Jan 2014

    JavaScript has no real arrays, they are actually objects with special abilities. Which means you can actually store key valued pairs inside it, just as in any other object, it’ll be treated as a property, it’s there, altough you won’t be able to see it when logging it.

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